Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gallery visits

Status: Underway

As for 101 Books, I'll track this goal in a post. Again, I've increased the target from the last 101 in 1001. Last time I just scraped to 50, but it was a half-time goal, so only had ~500 days. That said, a lot of that time was spent in Manhattan or travelling, so.... Anyway, I'm all for being a tourist at home, so I'll give 101 gallery visits a go in this next 1001 days. Most of which is likely to be spent in Sydney.
  1. Art&About - Hyde Park display of Sydney photographs
  2. MCA - Primavera exhibition
  3. Surry Hills Library Street Scenes
  4. ACP - Walkley Awards
  5. Sculpture by the Sea
  6. Philip Bacon Gallery 
  7. GOMA - Valentino Retrospective. Absolutely amazing.
  8. National Art School - Reportage exhibition
  9. Sculpture by the Sea take 2
  10. Crown St gallery 1
  11. Crown St gallery 2
  12. Glenmore Rd gallery 1
  13. Glenmore Rd gallery 2
  14. Anatomy museum - Royal North Shore

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