Saturday, March 24, 2012

#12. Frame a picture

Status: Complete

I didn't specify that the frame would have glass in it. $10 at Reverse Garbage bought me a lovely wood-with-lacquered-hessian-trim frame, the perfect size for a wrapping paper map of Paris. Found some black cardboard beside the fridge for border and $3 at Bunnings furnished us with hanging wire. Framed and hung.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

#17. Build a day bed

I don't know if it's technically "built" , but it is now a collection of neatly stacked and balanced planks, topped by floor cushions when weather permits. For at least a year, it was a very un-neatly stacked pile of planks, gathering slugs in the corner and looking at me intimidatingly. Then there was a photographer arriving in 25 minutes and "voila". Probably some sort of life lesson there.

Monday, March 19, 2012

#4. Visit A-Z

This one's fun. After a Summer of traveling, hopefully I've knocked off a few.
And indeed, I've taken a few liberties (cities, countries...) but only 7 left. Any ideas for a town starting with X within a short drive of the Sydney metro area...?

Antigua (Guatemala), Atacoa
Belize, Brisbane
Caye Caulker, Costa Rica Caloundra
El Salvador, 'El Porvenir'
Guatemala, Granada
Isla de Ometepe
Jaibalito, Juayua, Jiquilillo
Lago Atitlan, Liberia, Livingston, Leon
Mexico, Masaya, Moyogalpa
New York City, Nicaragua
Playa del Carmen, Paris, Panajachel
Rio Dulce
San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Sonsonate
Tokyo, Tikal, Tulum
Volcan Maderas
Washington, D.C.

Poor old blogger

A year of neglect and more than half my days gone. Not all is lost though - things have been accomplished!  Updates to follow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#47. Meet a child

Status: Complete

It turns out that tutoring is quite a convenient part-time job for a friendly med student. I now have 2 x 10 year olds and an 8 year old as students. And amazingly, we're all getting along swimmingly. Must admit to playing favourites already - the one girl I have is a little mini-me perfectionist and we're having a great time with junior algebra and french picture books. The boys have shorter attention spans... Was vaguely worried that I was so out of the loop with small people that it really wouldn't work, but hey, they even seem to find me Cool. Amazing.

Coming up in med is a paediatrics assignment for which I'll have to meet a REALLY little person. More on that soon - can't wait!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

#34 and #7 Food

Status: In Progress

You can keep tabs on my progress with 101 recipes here, but I thought a little more detail might be in order. Generally the recipes are doing well - exploring new ingredients, making use of the recipe book cupboard. On the photography front, I'm mixing it up between the iPhone 3GS and a Canon P&S. So, many would argue this doesn't even really rate as 'photography' per se. But hey. The Canon has better macro focus, but the iPhone has cool inbuilt lomo effect through Instagram. Tips welcome!
#34. 11/101 Panna Cotta

#34. 12/101 Jamie Oliver tomato pasta

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#81. Create a website

Status: Complete

Deep in the really exciting tasks at the moment, aren't we. And yes, if I'm perfectly honest, my current writing style may be slightly influenced by boredom + O.C. Season 1 + rekindled love for Seth Cohen. Sigh.

I created a website. Other than a blog. For my Dad. It's cool. It has a picture. And a photo. And an address. I'm proud. But not proud enough to embarrass him by linking to it. And I doubt many of you guys are in the market for a Brisbane-based management consultant.